Free Photoshop Wood Layer Style PSD & .ASL

Here we are yet again with something new to talk about. Graphic design is becoming so popular among youngsters these days and also the opportunities in animations and photography are pushing people to try new styles. We have so many new layer options in Photoshop that we can create a design from a new one every day without repeating the first one.


Are you looking to design a room of a house or a terrace garden idea but are not able to find a picture or layer which can match the wood style. Well, here is your solution – the new wood layer style at Psd bird. It is available in PSD & ASL file formats to better sync in the software. The resolution is also very high, nearly 1000pixles x 1000pixels, making every detailing possible at a swift of the mouse. Even the size of the file is not huge, just 1.17 MB, and would not take extra space on your computer. It is a free Photoshop Wooden layer style for perfect designing, since finding one in .asl format is difficult. Another day only, I and my friend had to design this flyer for one of our clients and it included a wooden layer. We both were in a fix until we found this layer option and made our work easier. It is effortlessly customizable in the design and easy to work on. Due to its good resolution we were able to put in minute details as well.

The wooden layer style has a wood color theme and in both PSD & ASL formats. You can download the style from PSD bird online.

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Resolution: 1000px X 1000px
File Format: PSD & .ASL

Color Theme: Wood Style
Author: PSD Bird

File Size: 4.17MB

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