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15+Free Business Card Templates PSD

It is rightly said, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Any business in a budding stage needs a spot-on approach to target the customers. And, what could be better than innovative business cards? It is a medium that acts as the best armor to get your business the attention it deserves. A business card should reflect the business idea well along with a tinge of creativity to stay one step ahead in the competition.

Free Printable Business Card Templates

You might be wondering why business cards? What is the need for a business card in this world where internet marketing is all you need, isn’t it? Here the news; a business card might seem an old strategy but still holds the capability to grab the awareness for a business. When it comes to real-world interactions with potential investors, influential folks, and the clients/customers, a business card is a savior.

Now that you know what significance a business card holds, here are some incredible design business card templates to try. Make your pick and see how your business transforms into a successful one in no time. Here we go.

The Letterpress PSD Business Card

When it comes to making a difference, this design certainly stands out. Be it the letterpress printing, the vintage feels, or the minimalistic design; this business card has it all. When you download its template, you can easily customize the design to suit your needs. Go for it, if you wish to make an everlasting impression on those who matter to the business.

free cusiness card templates

The Flat Card Design With Long Shadow

This particular design is doing rounds in the market for all the good reasons. The best part is that the design looks professional yet elegant. The flat card design gets an A+ in creativity and surely gives you an edge over your competitors. It is the long shadow element of the card that takes away the brownie points. You can use the template for both traditional marketing as well as social media marketing. Download the template, now!

free cusiness card templates

The Orange Corporate Business Card

Orange is a color that symbolizes enthusiasm and warmth. So, the orange themed business card is a happy-go-lucky choice to achieving the business goals. The ample space available on the design leaves enough space for the QR code too. What makes this design a desirable one? It is the spacing and color combinations that attract the attention just at first glance. Also, the card has a print on both sides, making it a must choice in every sense.

free cusiness card templates

The Die Cut Business Card Template

The speech balloon shapes on both sides on the card is what makes this design unique and attractive at the same time. The card is not crowded with elements and makes each of the pieces of information crystal clear. You can go on by adding your name on the speech balloon and adding vital information like your contact info, email address, or the website URL at the bottom. Download the template and see wonders happing instantly.

free cusiness card templates

The Creative Design Business Card

This tiny piece of advertisement can certainly take you places. With this ready to print design, one you can expect greater and meaningful traffic attracted towards the business. It is a fully layered PSD, which makes the design easy to edit. Moreover, the card supports a multicolored design making it a perfect choice for personal as well as professional use. It is an easy download with the file size of only equal to 1 MB. Now that is something amazing!

free cusiness card templates

The Creative Business Card PSD Template

All hail to the creative business card PSD template that brings to you creativity at its best. The design represents the business in the best possible manner, making it shine throughout. The playful element gives the impression that the business holds a flexible approach and does not hold back from experimenting. One can go on from adding their full names, company’s name, contact info, and address on the card. So, why wait? Make your pick from the 11 color schemes available.

free cusiness card templates

The Colored Pencils Design

The design is spectacular, making this colored pencils business card one in a million. No matter who is the recipient, this card is the one that they would want to hang onto. It is colorful that, in turn, makes it attractive to the core. Yes, it is print ready and supports 2 PSD files, one for the front and the other for the back. For you may ask, the customizations are way easy and user-friendly. You just have to download the free template and then you are good to go.

free cusiness card templates

Stylish And Modern Tab Design

It is a superb combination of peach pink, black, and white that adds sophistication to the card template. The contrasts are to the point, making it a design to inspire for. The pseudo tab that highlights the name and the designation of the cardholder is its specialty. Other features like large fonts, adequate spacing, and horizontal layout have gained it the attention it deserves. Download the free template today and see the magic for yourself.

free cusiness card templates

The Retro Business Card Design

When something is referred to as evergreen, it stays in style for the times immemorial. Same is the case with this retro business card design that strikes the right cord when making business connections. The combination and contrast of blue and green color make it classy while adding to the vintage feels. You can customize the design as per your convenience to give it your personal touch. Download the business card today, which is designed by Zee Que.

free cusiness card templates

The Photographer Business Card Template

If you are a budding photographer looking forward to making some good clients, this business card template is for you. It not only displays the contact information and business name but the best work of the photographer too. You can either add the photograph as a watermark or use the empty spaces to add the thumbnails. Wait, there is more! You could also add a photograph to the backside of the business card. It is a two-in-one promotion, isn’t it?

free cusiness card templates

The Facebook Business Card

Social media presence is the need of the hour for any business whether small or big. And, so is the need for spreading awareness about the social media existence. For your convenience, these Facebook business cards serve the purpose well. The card imitates a Facebook profile with your Facebook page link printed on it. This business promotion strategy is best to attract some meaningful likes and followers.

free cusiness card templates

The Real Estate Business Card

The real estate business has always been popular for over-the-top competition. What would make you different? It is the real estate business card which is attractive and hundred percent effective. The card is available in orange and brown contrasts, making for a beautiful card design. The creator offers the ease to download this editable PSD source, compatible to be edited on Photoshop. You can simply add a logo on the front page with vital information on the back cover.

free cusiness card templates

The Colorful Corporate Business Card

This is a modernly designed business card with a 3D-like effect. It is a colorful saga of how innovative a business can get. The ease of modifying the color codes to suit specific business preferences is another beautiful feature. In simple words, if you wish to make your presence felt, this attractive colorful corporate card is a plus. Make your investment wisely and witness profits rolling across in no time.

free cusiness card templates

The Spectrum Business Card

Colors have always been known for speaking louder than what words can. This vibrant VIBGYOR design makes for an attractive option for business cards. The card has an integrated QR code to add to the attractive features. If you are ready to make a bold business statement, this spectrum-oriented business card is for you. For a suggestion, this card suits well for the entertainment industry or any business dealing in pigmented liquids.

free cusiness card templates

Modern Business Card Vector Graphics

For any business that is new in the market, this business card seems promising. It holds the potential to attract reasonable traffic by gathering much-needed attention. One can refer to it as an intelligent business card with geometrical designs. The business card supports a balanced combination of pink and white that makes it look attractive to the core. The fonts are also beautifully designed and in the right size to make every effort count.

free cusiness card templates

Wrapping Up

This is it for now! These 15 designs have been picked carefully, keeping in mind the vivid tastes of businesses and the customers alike. You can make your pick based on what industry your business operates in. Whether for personal or professional usage; make sure that the message gets across as much as it can.

So, what is the wait for? Make your presence felt with these free business card designs. Download from the link provided and customize it in a way that it compliments your business.


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